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Moving is always stressful, especially if there is a gap between moving out and getting into a new apartment or office. Finding a reliable storage London with affordable removal company storage costs is sometimes not an easy thing to do. Rsl Man and van London is a professional removal and self-storage company in London and offers a wide range of storage facilities for both businesses and individual clients.

Great deals and benefits on Self Storage London with Removal Solutions Ltd

Removal and storage London allow you to store all your personal property, ranging from clothes, and memorabilia to bicycles for cheap. With individual storage/container units, you will no longer have to keep unnecessary belongings in your apartment or home.

For anyone planning a moving house and looking for a self-storage London, Removal Solutions LTD is an excellent choice. Choosing our self-storage option is a right solution for many people. 

This selection of storage options is excellent for those who enjoy seasonal activities like camping. Since they will have to store items such as tents, cooking utensils for picnics, and sports equipment, the benefits are numerous. Each storage space has an individual key, and only you alone will have access to your storage unit. 

Office Storage: Great storage space Solution for anyone

Suppose you are planning to move your office. In that case, Removal Solutions Ltd offer a wide range of services your office removals, in addition to the relocation we offer office storage, which is an excellent solution to those who are running out of the office space.

We all know there are things in the office, which cannot be thrown away. At the same time, keeping them at the office often makes your situation uncomfortable. At our self-storage, you can keep furniture, electronics, and office equipment or even account logs. Our great self-storage prices, exceptional customer service and many years of reliable self-storage London make us the best self-storage company available at the best removal and storage costs.

High range of secure and safe furniture storage facilities

Furniture storage is an excellent alternative to the attic in your house. This option is perfect for those who have a lot of old furniture lying around with no space to store it.

We provide reliable and safe self-storage London, which can open up tons of space in your home or apartment on affordable self-storage prices. Best of all, you can be sure that your furniture will be as 'safe as a house' in any of our storage space. When it comes to better removals and storage, people choose us because we are the best.

An excellent solution for Sports Fans with Removal Solutions Ltd storage space

Are you a sports fan? Many people often collect dozens of sports items and equipment over the years. After a while, these items can end up taking up too much space in your house or living residence.

Luckily, Rsl Man and van London offers comfortable sports equipment storage facilities at excellent self-storage prices, which are perfect for keeping any sports accessories. All of the biggest sports fans looking for self-storage London come to us for that extra space they need.

With our storage London options, you will no longer have to wonder how you are going to store all of your stuff. Just book a storage facility and set your house free of all the things you no longer need or have no space.

Services in Removals and Storage London We Can Offer

This is the sum-up list of opportunities Removal Solutions Ltd can provide for those who require some storage space and proper packing. So, propositions we cover include:

Student Storage

Students are among the people who need to remain mobile all the time. The unexpected moving to another place, region or state of Europe may happen to them quite regularly, so there appears the need to find removals and storage London. And of course, the removal and storage costs should always remain affordable for students. We, at RSL, know your needs and offer perfect storage London options on affordable self-storage prices. 

Furniture Storage During Property Renovation

Not only relocation might make you look for packing and furniture storage and removals delivery. That need may also appear when you organise total repairs in your living or commercial space. In this case, RSL is also here to offer a truck, property insurance, packing, delivery with process tracking possibilities, and of course, a team of experts capable of bringing your belongings to the storage safe and secure.

Commercial Storage

It is not always possible or profitable to get rid of old business stuff and equipment at once. For instance, such things as computers and other electronics, old furniture, and so on can serve you as reserve options for emergency cases. Still, it is not always possible to store them in the office. RSL is ready to help you free the workspace and to take care of your equipment correctly by organising local removals and storage for you.

Moving Homes

You may also require storage while moving to another location that is quite distant and needs some additional preparation to start living there (renovation, repair services, air conditioning improvements, etc.). In this case, bringing your furniture there at once may not be a suitable option. And RSL is here again to provide you with removals and storage London and UK services.

How to Arrange Storage?

The process arrangement requires a single application from you. Our customer support representative will call you back and clarify all the requirements you have about the service, give you a free quote and launch the necessary procedure if the cost is okay for you. Our specialists can dismantle your furniture, pack items up and prepare them for transportation, organise the delivery and storage properly. After the call, your problems become our tasks, and we know how to solve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a deposit or a payment in advance?

No, advance payment is not required. Our service rates are hourly based, so you pay after everything is done.

Can I access my stuff while in storage if I need to?

Yes, that's possible. All the belongings in storage remain yours, and you have access to them at any moment.

Are my belongings insured during the storage period?

Yes, your property is insured throughout the period when it is stored in our place. Emergency cases won’t make you carry additional expenses or solve unexpected troubles. They all are ours.

Can I add extra items to my storage?

Yes, that’s possible in case there is enough space in storage at the moment when you need bringing extra portable items there. Our experts will be happy to help you with their packing and delivery, too.

I can't dismantle my furniture. I want to store? Can you help?

Yes, we can dismantle your furniture before packing it and preparing for the transportation. Our team members have all the necessary qualification, experience and instruments required to make it real.

How can I cancel the service?

Cancelling the service is possible at any moment via the phone call. No hidden fees will bother you in this case. 

Thank you! Your application is being processed!