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Packing service is actually one of the key elements in any move or removal. If done incorrectly, you may stand to lose not just monetarily, but some of your belongings as well.

Also, preparing, packing and moving requires a lot of time and effort. In many instances, packing service can turn into a valuable time-consuming headache.

Removal Solutions Ltd packing and removals team helps customers to avoid any possible hassles during the move. Also, for extra help and information for your house moving you can visit our house removals page.

At Removal Solutions LTD, we offer a wide range of packing and unpacking services to make your move quick and easy we are highly rated and experienced packing company London.

When you book our packers and movers London, we can offer:

  • Team of experienced and trained specialists that can pack and unpack all of your items for you.
  • Best of all, our reliable packing materials guarantee all of your property will be very well protected during the move.
  • Flexible and well-organised bookings
  • Friendly and efficient staff
  • Modern and capable vans during your move
  • And of course, great prices.
  • At Removal Solutions Ltd, we have a wide range of different packers and movers UK available for you.

Full packing service

Our full packing service is the perfect solution to save time and maximise the efficiency of such a complicated process as removal is. Our customer service team will take you through the entire packing service process over the phone. After which, our professional movers will prepare and pack all of your belongings for you with the utmost of care. We will personally ensure all of your possessions will be safely, properly and professionally packed and properly labelled. We are trained to provide excellent service to private and corporate customers.

Owner packing service

Although we offer your own removals packing service, there are other options for you as well. If you have the time and would like to pack your belongings yourself, we will gladly provide you with a wide variety of high-quality packing materials.

Inform us know what you need to pack, and we will cordially supply all packaging essentials for you. These range from small boxes and bubble wrap, to mattress and furniture covers.

Fragile packing service

Although you may prefer to pack certain belongings yourself, you may be a bit unsure about how to deal with all of your fragile items. We know that this process can be tricky and takes expertise.

This is why we offer our fragile packing services for our clients. Our packing service experts are ready to help you professionally pack all of your fragile belongings.

Removal Solutions Ltd has a team of expert packers and movers to take care of all of your delicate property. Items such as glassware and china, delicate decor, mirrors and pictures, require special attention and experience. Our professional fragile packing services encourages customers to trust that our team of expert packing services London professionals will carefully pack and deliver all of these items safely and securely to their destination.

Unpacking service

Unpacking can be just as stressful and tiring as packing. Because of that, we devised an unpacking service plan for you to take advantage. For those that do not have the time or energy for unpacking, we can help do it for them.

If you would rather enjoy your newfound location, our team will handle all of the unpacking for you. Our professionals will unpack all your belongings quickly and methodically. Of course, these include the most fragile ones as well. Lastly, we can also help you organise your new place so that you may feel right at home right away.

Flexible packing service

If you have specific requirements and wish to combine several packing services, our flexible packing options are just what you need. We offer various solutions designed to meet all of your requirements and needs. Best of all, we will cater each service specific to your move with a carefully laid out plan respectively tailored for your removal.

Reasons to Pick RSL Packers and Movers London

The reasons why you should stop looking for the other options to organise you're moving across London, the UK and Europe are pretty solid. Cooperation with RSL means:

Complete Insurance

For the time when our packers, loaders or driver are responsible for your items and their delivery, they get total insurance in addition to professional packing services provided and properly organised. In case of emergency (though the probability of it is actually low), your potential expenses will be covered by the company. Like all other opportunities and services, this works for both private and commercial clients.

Team of Qualified Experts

All RSL workers are professionals of packing services and moving procedures. When hiring our packing company, you can be confident about the quality of all jobs and services we provide. There is no option for our team members to work less than 100% of their abilities and qualification.

Quality Supplies for Removal

For you to remain calm and free of all stresses, we need to admit that our packing services are also supported with top-quality materials and supplies used to pack your items properly. We’ve got special equipment and materials to guarantee safety and security for your belongings during the whole process of moving, from packing to delivery and unpacking.

Easy Unpacking

And yes, the unpacking itself won't take too much time. The packages are optimised to unpack them without any special instruments or approaches required. We do everything possible to let you use all your items soon after arrival. This may be especially critical for business clients, so take this fact into account when considering the choice of a packing company to cooperate with.

Booking Flexibility

With RSL, it is you who decides whether or not you require packing services. There is no obligation for you to let our workers do that from scratch, and of course, they won't repack things you already packed on your own. What you do from here is your call. Still, if you want to free yourself from additional and unnecessary stress, consider entrusting the full cycle of works to our professionals. To find us, search RSL man and van packing services near me.

Packing Service Arrangement

To launch the packing services from our company, you need to leave an application on the website. During that first contact, here is what we clarify:

  • The packing your items require;
  • The number of packages, their total volume and weight;
  • The distance you plan to cover.

After that, you get a free quote, and if the cost is suitable, the best packers and movers of London arrive at your threshold at exactly the time you need them.

How Much Do Packers and Movers Cost?

The overall price of packing services and moving procedures is always individual, as it depends on too many factors. Here is what we can say for sure: our marketing specialists constantly keep an eye on the market to make the cost of our services as affordable as it is possible without quality losses. So, with RSL, you always get more for less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide the packing materials?

Yes, we do. Our experts can provide every client with appropriate materials to pack their belongings as it is required to guarantee secure delivery.

Can I use my own packing materials, boxes?

Of course, that’s possible. You can pack your items yourself and let our company move them to where you need. Still, we recommend entrusting the entire process to our specialists. This is how you can be absolutely confident about the results.

Can you pack and move valuable items?

We can pack and move anything. Of course, valuable belongings of our clients require special care and packing, and we can make it real. No matter what you need to move, RSL will create the most suitable conditions.

Can you assemble my furniture after unpacking?

Yes, that's possible. Our experts can dismantle furniture before packing it, and assemble it back in a new place after unpacking. We'll do everything you need to feel comfort after removal is done.

Can you dispose of the packing materials after unpacking?

Yes, we can help you get rid of expended packing materials after the unpacking is complete. You receive your new place clean and comfortable to live or make business in it after our specialists leave.

Thank you! Your application is being processed!